See saw termination

Trucks pass, dirigible as convict ships
The bed sinks further to the earth

I confuse their seesaw complaints
With angels and with finials

The egg unscrews so you can hide
Notes obscure as phylacteries

 To                 older   
           your                 self
From           younger

Now I count sleep, the early evening
Brass is dragonesque 

The kitchen, milk-white, littered
with that aftermath stillness
The butcher’s block
Has the Euclidean solidity
Of plane objects and right angles
Blemished, ingrained scars
Where the meat was
Gratuitously dissected 

Focus attained, like wisdom
Blurs in and out
Until lines mesh

Inertia slows, the universe
In the illusory drawn out moment
Between deity and big bang 
As if a waning summer afternoon
Was still too humid for our liking
Perhaps a Wednesday, close 
As the outbuilding laundry, cement troughs
Sparkling with those frozen mica constellations
Make you think of murder
Cloths jugular and tightly wrung
Wrist bone dinosaurs
Roughly hewn in the grey slick overcast
Of madly chalked astrologies
Here the maiden, here the serpent poised
Unfamiliar and yet, in the slip and grasp
Of mild toxicity
Still, the coolest room, the drains reminding
In the Coriolanus of their death throes
Only eternity offers to reimburse returns
For your 5c obligatory deposit
I will give you back, like an obligation 
Unwanted but
How in augury strangely accurate