Cemetery Dog

Cemetery dog pulls at my hand
mouth wet and hot
almost  – soft earth kind
but for a few
hole-punch reminders
half wild, half wise with bones
jostling underground
in their occulting game
how like reeds they echo
come play, come play


for a while

a knock, a skirl

– at my wrist
a warm wind growls

When I Was A Dog

For the reassurance of your face
Jaw thrust forward, a monstering
Marionetted palsy
Of strings and pinions
Inexpertly manipulated
I met you once
In another world
Ate a stale biscuit
Threw it up again
The sky in soot and butter
Curlicues and approbations
When I was a dog, for a while
Glass house, all lies, no windows
Barked at the moon
At her silver mockery 
Barked again, in the dark 
When she was gone
Stars like tears 
The poet said
But I was just a dog
Alone and
Not done howling