A brief survey of certain particulars of the history of the next 100 years

One day all cats will look the same
Cloned and birthed in an immaculate conception
Never realising that Catalan’s constant
Like most scientifically useful irrationalities 
Is only ever a difficult approximation 
Now George Orwell’s copyright has expired
The proliferation of cheaply reproduced copies
Will mean that one day 1984
Through the caterpillar smudges
Of our AI’s astigmatic 
Optical character recognition 
Will become once more 1948; almost none will care
Love will eventually devolve to Hate
Such words will become in sleight and disregard
An episode in the great new patriotic histories
Politicians will declare, from war 
We are making the same cities where you’ve always lived
But now with close and unfamiliar neighbours 
Granting that the square footage is quite small
But the landscapes bleakly generous
A synthetic stone will last two hundred years
Or thereabouts, until rain and moss have left 
All declarations of love and loss and piety effaced
Pi will become 3.1612...recurring 
While we who contemplate perfection
Hoping for a universe in which
The ratio of the diameter
To the circumference of the circle
Always and only ever equals three
Under the spreading chestnut tree
Can, but in our chagrin, only wait