Through Glass, Brightly

Inelegant metaphors 

strained at the bit

From inside

an insect gnawing


when the mandibles broke the skin


that disgruntled earth

a machine that 

mouthfuls spat

Curled to a walnut shape

heat escapes 

through scalp and anus

as if we were

some alien


obtuse kind of planet

The sites

of old injuries buckle first

bicycle crash, careless menagerie

a slight body weight 

elastic in collision

where once you flew

cleats and laurels

over the minotaur

a monster gnawing

at your thumb and wrist 

the crabbing slew

gravity’s sidelong spill

an arced trajectory

the stoic, downturned face

a theatre of cheap betrayals

enmeshed, the jackboot heart

where the andiron slipped

an upstart fire lick

the doorway guillotining

in the inadvertent pneumatic hiss

dull magnetic eye

through the safety glass

as if the web and constellation 

of all things, in the enfilade of your dismay

so easily fell apart

Pulled at the thread


A red crochet like love around your wrists