I Dismay The Reuleaux Of Your Chagrin

a nagging ache
kind of acetylene blue
that epoxy euphoria
paint dissolved, and dirt
ingrained like the dunes and calumnies
of someone else’s skin

I thought, cellophane and roses
a wolf-wind howling through steepled hands
afterwards, we eat the dead
fish eyes watchful
skin the shape
of wind scaled sand
in the minor recompense 
of oft repeated phrases
do they eat us

Traffic shuffles on
in its dog-end fury
red almost to green
a monoxide exhalation
doorway reverbations
the standard scat mirage
that wormed, ouroboros need
I tell you
I am far below the hour of the sea

No, you say – just no
before you completely leave
the Venn of coffee rings describe
in vestiges of peace
the fragments of reflection
all that’s left to bind
the remnants of vacated conversations