Jumping Puddles On The Moon

You are bright as

shop windows in the rain

a wooden ark that

so easily falls down

hard-shaped animals

rigid games

of words in squares with

values concomitant 

on the difficulty of meaning

I will lift you high

to careless shoulder blades

with a monkey-puzzle swing

your arms a python around my neck

knees almost a horse

jumping traffic-light puddles

shiver, smear, break like glass

one two three and stop

choking (only a little) 

on your glee’s foregone restraint

desperate as plastic

landing the way Armstrong did

in a world gone black and white

gum boots down

time dismayed

all the colours up

Still the grey gets through

Oh, thunder, you said
In that innocuous mid-distance
Where meaning both escapes and evokes

The lights in tall buildings
Play dominoes 
Until almost everyone has left

Rain makes static
Too lacklustre for lightning scars
Just the nondescript
Evening noise
Of cutlery and creaking doors
Too late not to notice
In the paint-chipped plateau
Beyond wet-lipped, quick-torn fingernails
Half open is not the same
As half closed

Though the window jambed 

The grey gets through