Beneath The Sun’s Chagrin

I want to see your face again

When you first saw the sea

The car seat smell drunk as the newly dead

Uneasy in their corrugations 

The waves unmercifully high

Poised above the glassine under-swell

As if eternity were the stinging slap

Your dour grin collapsing

The shush of traffic slew

As if you had nowhere to hide

Just the fist clenched hope

Beneath a recalcitrant sun

That I will flee and sleek

With other shoreless creatures 

Risking constant reiterations

Or, standing hard against the tide

Hips braced, chin askance

The sand a living thing beneath my feet

Hand raised to shield my eyes

Against your oncoming hail

I will burn and fall like anybody else

From the isthmus of my eye

The wound is sunset
      volcanic glass

           the sea

       between the cradle

      in the lee
    a swell
stretched in a glimpsed hiatus

The cigarette burn you left
                 still brightly watching

         from the harbour
of my chest

A ship with nowhere
but this destination 

You said sorry, how you slumped
burnt copper dreaming slept
the way old lighthouses do

The fabric holing
with that mesmer’s grace

Spilling ash and flickered thoughts
the glare clenched in the spasm of your fist
gone wave break lax

     for salve a sting, the glassy shine
        of long past knotted healing

 The grain of sand
    in the isthmus of your eye
  all that remains

    in a different glass
(still wide awake)

Of the beach I dreamed