Autumn leaf girl

That rockmelon moon

Leant to a smile

A girl, leaf brown

Fell from a tree

From limbs with mouths

That age old gnarl

Turned yellow eve, russet, sun lost

Spiralled down to holes and with 

The endless shape

Of clasped hands  

In her soughing, see-saw breath

From the morning, scattered

In the curled leaf of your eye, still full with sleep

The morning has holes
Like a summer leaf
Withered by all those excesses
The swelling lymphatic process
Curtailed again, in that shirking act
That ebbs in sacrifice
Closes, a bent fist
Inside the marble of your eye
Thought you had turned the world
Inside out, the moon-thin meniscus
Serpentine and fluttering, in return from sleep
For that, the ocean dark below
All the pooling magma
Defying sunrise (you said the name
Of some lost shape)
Between wakefulness, and
The still suffused surface